Etched brass with 5 different products Model grass  Sandmix
3 different styrene profiles  2 different styrene boards
Sand lime bricks 3DF  Honeycomb Paving Stone
Plaster   Pigments in 3 colors

What’s in the box?

Etched brass Industry

Summer Karstbüschel

Sand Lime Bricks 3DF

Honeycomb Paving Stone
Super Sandmix

H-Profile-Styrene 4x4mm

Board Styrene 0.5mm

Board Styrene 1.0mm

Round Tube Profile Styrene 2/1mm

Round Tube Profile Styrene 5/4mm

Plaster Terrain Brown

Pigment Grey

Pigment Burned umbra light

Pigment Slategrey Dark


# Product Item number Amount
1 Aetztech etched brass Industry BL-KIT-IN 1 sheet
2 MiniNatur Summer Karstbüschel (1:87) MN-737-22-S ca. 8cm²
3 Juweela Sand Lime Bricks 3DF JUW-3DF 10 pieces
4 Juweela Honeycomb Paving Stones JUW-RGS 2 pieces
5 CreativePRO Super Sandmix CP-BS-Sandmix ca. 40g
6 CreativePRO H-Profile-Styrene 4x4mm CP-PS-H-Pr-4×4 ca. 10 cm
7 CreativePRO Board Styrene 0.5mm PS-Platte ca. 81cm²
8 CreativePRO Board Styrene 1.0mm PS-Platte ca. 81cm²
9 CreativePRO Round Tube Profile Styrene 2/1mm CP-PS-Rund ca. 10cm
10 CreativePRO Round Tube Profile Styrene 5/4mm CP-PS-Rund ca. 10cm
11 TS-PK-Plaster Terrain Brown CP-PK-P-Brown ca. 40g
12 PK-PRO Pigment Grey PIG-0002 ca. 2g
13 PK-PRO Pigment Burned umbra light PIG-0015 ca. 2g
14 PK-PRO Pigment Slategrey Dark PIG-0021 ca. 2g

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